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Memorable Ways To Celebrate Dad This Father’s Day

Dads do a lot for their families, and Father’s Day is the perfect time to acknowledge those efforts. The days when dads would receive a colorful necktie for Father’s Day are largely (and, for fathers, thankfully) a relic of the past. Modern Father’s Day celebrations tend to involve more careful planning, and the following are some ways to make this year’s day for dads one to remember.

Take Dad On A Tour Through His Own History

The popularity of genealogy has skyrocketed over the last decade-plus, as various firms have made it easier than ever for individuals to trace their family histories. If Dad counts himself among the millions across the globe interested in their family histories, moms and kids can work together to create a virtual tour through that history. Present the history as a printed book or as a video, sharing interesting things you learned about Dad’s ancestors but also highlighting key moments in his life. This presentation can be accompanied by a subscription to a genealogy service and a tour of some of Dad’s childhood haunts before the family enjoys brunch or dinner in the neighborhood where Dad grew up.

Take To The Great Outdoors

Father’s Day is celebrated in mid-June, making the day a perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors (weather permitting). Plan a day around Dad’s favorite outdoor activity. If Dad is an avid fisherman, book a family outing on a charter boat so Dad can focus on catching fish and not navigating. If Dad loves being in natural settings, camp out the night before Father’s Day so he can wake up to the sound of birds chirping in the crisp morning air. If Dad has a favorite baseball team, take him out to the ballgame so he can soak up some Father’s Day sun.

Book A Private Chef

If Dad has a fascination with food, perhaps nothing can make Father’s Day more memorable than a delicious meal served by a private chef. Private chefs will do all the work, giving moms and kids more time to spend with Dad throughout the day, and then the whole family can enjoy a special meal made by someone whose specialty is crafting delicious dinners. Offerings vary, but many private chefs handle all the cooking and cleaning. Identify Dad’s favorite dish and then look for a chef who specializes in that type of cuisine.

Appeal To Dad’s Inner Adventurer

Some Dads may just want to relax on Father’s Day, while others may prefer a more adventurous celebration. If Dad falls into the latter group, book a fun and adventurous activity the whole family can enjoy together. A kayaking trip, a skydiving session, a round of paintball, or even tickets to a rock concert on Father’s Day weekend can connect Dad with his inner adventurer.

There’s no shortage of ways for families to make this Father’s Day one Dad won’t soon forget.

Fun Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day This Year

Father’s Day presents an opportunity for people to honor the special men in their lives. These include not only dads, but father figures and other influential men who offer care and guidance to the people they love. Many celebrations continue to look different than they were prior to the pandemic, and Father’s Day festivities may still require some modifications this year, even if celebrations are not governed by the same restrictions as in 2020. The following are some ways to show dads they are appreciated.

Backyard Bash

Restrictions on outdoor gatherings have eased up considerably in many areas. Outdoor parties are some of the safer ways to bring people together, particularly if attendees maintain their distance. Weather permitting, families can host barbecues and enlist someone other than Dad to man the grill. Serve foods buffet-style and space out tables so people can safely celebrate.

Plan a Sports Outing

Professional sports teams are once again welcoming fans to stadiums and other venues, albeit with reduced capacities to maintain safety. It may be possible to purchase tickets to an upcoming game and surprise Dad or Grandpa with tickets on Father’s Day. Make Father’s Day festivities sports-centric, with coordinated decorations and themed foods to set the scene.

Plan a Game Day

Whether your father likes board games, video games or crossword puzzles, gear Father’s Day around fun and games. Let Dad lead the way and choose the activity, and then everyone can step away from their screens and come together at the table over jigsaw puzzles or trivia questions.

Host a Beer Tasting

If Dad is a beer lover, organize a trip to a local craft brewery to sample their offerings. If establishments are closed or still restricting indoor seating, pick up beers from a few different breweries and create a flight at home.

Set Up an Outdoor Movie Night

Perfect for a father who is a movie buff, borrow or purchase a projector and show a movie on an outdoor screen or against a blank outdoor wall. Select one of Dad’s favorite movies to watch and invite friends and family to join in on the fun. Make sure there are refreshments at the ready and plenty of hot popcorn.

Celebrating Father’s Day this year may require some ingenuity, but there is still fun to be had.

Father’s Day Gifts for the Modern Dad

Father’s Day is a chance for people to show the special men in their lives just how much they’re loved. Though it was first celebrated on June 19, 1910, it was not until decades later that President Richard Nixon made honoring fathers a nationwide holiday in the United States. While there are many different ways to honor dads, it has become customary to offer gifts and other tokens of affection. According to, Americans now spend more than $1 billion each year on Father’s Day gifts. Many modern fathers are more involved in their children’s lives and around the house than their own fathers were. Gifts that cater to today’s well-rounded dads are sure to be appreciated.

Cool duds: Modern dads are fashion-forward and might enjoy a piece of clothing or a gift card to their favorite retailer. If you know a store where Dad loves to shop, stop in for some inspiration.

Pampering products: Mom is not the only one who likes to indulge in some pampering from time to time. Put together a carefully curated basket of men’s grooming products, or purchase a set from a bath and body store like Lush.

Fitness finds: If you haven’t already gifted the special man in your life with a fitness tracker watch, now is the time to do so. Such a watch will tap into his love of gadgets and provide some utility as he tries to be as healthy as possible.

Cookbooks: The stereotype that dads are hopeless in the kitchen has long since been refuted. Many men are top-notch home chefs and will appreciate some new recipes to try. Combine the cookbook with a new culinary tool, like a cast-iron skillet or a mandoline slicer, so he can try out his skills right away.

Support the team: If Dad is a sports fan, find a baseball cap or a jersey of his favorite team/player. Many sports stores only carry inventory for local teams. If Dad supports a team in a different state or country, do your shopping online at a site like

Craft beers: The craft beer movement has expanded exponentially in recent years. Visit with a local brewer and purchase bottles or growlers of a favorite brew. If you know the flavor profile that Dad favors, find a beer that suits that preference while also giving some new varieties so he can put together his own flight.

This Father’s Day, delve deeper to find gifts that a dad will truly love — even if he seemingly has it all.