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Navigating Tech Choices For School Use

Technology is essential in the daily lives of students. Whether it’s kids learning their ABC’s or graduate students pursuing advanced degrees, technology has transformed the way lessons are taught and learned. Statistics support the notion that technology in the classroom is irreplaceable. According to data from the tutoring resource PracTutor, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and various colleges, 98 percent of schools have one or more computers in the classroom. In addition, 77 percent of teachers use

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Benefits of Hiring Professional Contractors

The DIY movement has inspired many homeowners to tackle home repair and remodeling projects on their own. DIY projects can be rewarding, and many homeowners who have embraced the DIY movement have discovered talents they never before knew they had. But no matter how simple popular home renovation television shows make remodeling projects appear, homeowners should know that such undertakings are far more difficult than they appear on television. Homeowners who overestimate their abilities and

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Home Trends In 2016

Trends in home remodeling and decor tend to come and go. Something that is popular for a little while can fall out of favor when the next new idea comes along. New trends are always on the horizon, and 2016 may encourage homeowners to try something new. · Metallics and metals are back. Although stainless steel accents in the kitchen have long been popular, the glistening look of metal and metallic shades are back in

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Make Garage Organization Go Smoothly

Garages tend to fall victim to disorganization during the winter, when homeowners want to hurry inside and get some respite from the cold. As a result, many homeowners resolve to clean their garages come springtime. Cleaning a disorganized garage overcome with clutter can be an all-day job, so homeowners would be wise to reserve a springtime Saturday or Sunday to get their garages back in order. Upon designating ample time to clean their garages, homeowners

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Best Buys for the New Year!

Smart shopping involves making budget-friendly purchases. Never paying full price is a mantra shoppers can follow to help keep their finances in check. In addition to coupons and other discounts, shoppers can usually score deals based on which time of year they shop for particular items. Each year, various consumer resources offer advice on the best time to buy certain items. The beginning of the year is often an ideal time to purchase certain items.

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Add Value to your Home with these Renovations

Homeowners choose renovation projects for a variety of reasons. Although many improvements are made to increase functionality and comfort of a home, several others are seen as worthwhile investments. These investments can add up to a higher resale value when the time comes to sell a home. Certain projects have a history of providing a greater return on homeowners’ investments than others. The following renovation tips can add beauty to your home and generate great

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Swimming Pool Installation Tips

Now that the weather is warming up, many homeowners’ thoughts are drifting toward relaxing days spent soaking up some sun by the pool. Early spring is a great time to install a pool so the family has a go-to hangout by the time summer arrives. Installing a pool is a large financial investment, and homeowners considering adding a pool should not take that decision lightly. When attempting to determine if a pool is for them,

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Dependable Tractors and Farm Equipment + Natural Fertilizer Tips

Today’s local highlight —> We are featuring Antietam Tractor! It is the local spot for trusted sales on both new & used tractors, farm equipment, loaders and more! Since 1978 they have offered dependable quality on equipment, parts and customer service. Antietam Tractor  20927 Leitersburg Pike Hagerstown, MD 21742 ~ Natural Fertilizers ~  Lawn and garden enthusiasts know a handful of items are essential to maintain a healthy landscape. Water, sunshine and the proper nutrients all

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Local A.B. Martin Roofing + Tips for Building Additions

Looking for a trusted local roofer? Look no further! A.B. Martin Roofing is your local supplier for Roofing & Building – Hardware – Lumber A.B. Martin provides building materials for the Pole Buildings, including Framing Lumber, Insulation, Doors and Windows, Tongue & Groove Lumber and Stalls for Horse Barns, and much more. More info on their official site at: SH152909

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Kick-Start Spring with a Finished Basement

After a winter of hibernation, spring is the perfect time to consider remodeling projects that will help keep your house cool in the coming summer months and reduce energy consumption. An unfinished basement is a source of energy loss in many homes. By simply finishing the space with wall and floor coverings, you will notice a difference on your energy bills. A remodeled basement offers more than additional storage and living space. It can provide room for

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