Kick-Start Spring with a Finished Basement

Basement Upgrade

After a winter of hibernation, spring is the perfect time to consider remodeling projects that will help keep your house cool in the coming summer months and reduce energy consumption.

An unfinished basement is a source of energy loss in many homes. By simply finishing the space with wall and floor coverings, you will notice a difference on your energy bills. A remodeled basement offers more than additional storage and living space. It can provide room for a growing family or a space where you can retreat for some privacy.

Insulation is a key component in making your basement look and feel comfortable, inviting and dry. For the best results, install a rigid board insulation like ROXUL ComfortBoard IS against the concrete foundation before you stud the wall. The board is mechanically fastened or adhered to the concrete foundation wall, preventing thermal bridging through the studs, offering a higher R-value and better thermal performance. It will ensure your basement is not a source of energy loss, but rather an inviting retreat all year round. (Installation tips are available online at



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