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Tips for Keeping your Tree Fresh

It’s that time of the year when the holiday tree takes full focus as the centerpiece in many homes! One common question is how to keep it looking nice, the whole month long.

Top Tips for Keeping your Tree Green All Season

• Light your tree with LED lights over incandescants – LEDs generate less heat & won’t try out foliage as much.

• Unplugging lights at night & during the day to prevent overdrying the needles.

• Water regularly – do not let your tree go dry!

Use a funnel & tubing from a local hardware store to easily water your tree! Tuck tubing into tree stand/base with funnel attached at the top – you can pour in water & then hide the funnel under the tree skirt when not in use!


Share your tricks for keeping your tree green in our Comment section below!

Perfect Turkey How-To

Cooking a turkey is no simple task but with our helpful cooking tips, you’re on your way to roasting the perfect holiday turkey!

*1-1 1/2 lbs per person: While leftovers can be good, don’t overdue it. Remember you’ll often have your plate full of hearty side dishes and leave some room for pie too.

*Make sure you add enough *spice*: Under-seasoning is a common and easily avoidable mistake!

*Consider brining: A simple brine starts with water and salt. Extra herbs and flavoring are optional. Brining lean meat like turkey can help prevent meat from drying out. Soak turkey in brine for up to 24 hours before cooking.

*To stuff or not to stuff? Some like cornbread stuffing, others like rice “dressing” and some like none at all. To make a wet dressing without stuffing the bird, save time and hassle by simply topping your dressing with warmed broth.

*Rest cooked turkey before carving: Rest a large bird for at least 15 minutes before carving.

  • Share your top turkey cooking tips in the Comment section below!

  • Stress Free Thanksgiving Tips

    Less stress means more time for what matters – spending time with family and friends and reflecting on what we’re thankful for! Follow our top tips for making your holiday season less stressful!

    *Plan a potluck – If you’re cooking the turkey, ask guests to bring a side or dessert. When everyone contributes it can lead to a more meaningful meal and a fun way to share favorite family recipes.

    *Choose make-ahead recipes to save time & stress the day of! If you’re hosting, you can even set the table the day ahead to help save time.

    *Switch up the traditional menu – try brunch! You can still have turkey too – turkey bacon, turkey sausage or how about a nice turkey tenderloin alongside quiche!

    *Opt. for eating out – Skip the mess and cleanup all together by dining out this Thanksgiving!

    *Donate your time to charity – Celebrate the holidays by giving back. Consider donating your time or goods to local charities in need.

    Choosing a Pet Sitter

    With the holidays right around the corner, you may be planning on traveling, and that doesn’t always include bringing along your four-legged friends. A popular alternative to kennel boarding is at-home pet care. When choosing a pet-sitter, take a few extra steps to help ensure you’ve found the right sitter for your pet!

    *Pre-interview on the phone:

    -Verify experience, ask for references

    -Confirm availability and a back-up in case of emergencies

    *Schedule a time to meet:

    -Introduce your pet and sitter

    -Let your sitter know how they should be spending their time: walking, feeding, grooming, playtime, cleaning, etc. (This ensures your expectations will be clear.)

    *When you leave:

    -Leave a set of spare keys and extra set hide-a-key

    -Disclose any important pet medical history and vet. contact information

    -Store food and supplies in a central location

    -Write down helpful phone numbers/contact info.

    Check your local Franklin Shopper classifieds to find a pet sitter near you!  You can also find other helpful local services like house cleaning, childcare, home remodelers and more! Browse the classifieds in your weekly paper or 24/7 online!

    ->Traveling for the holidays and need some help watching you pets? Place your own Help Wanted ad in the local classifieds!