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How Being An Early Bird Can Benefit Holiday Shoppers

Come the end of the often hectic holiday shopping season, many people resolve to begin shopping earlier in the following year. While such resolutions can be hard to keep, shoppers would be wise to consider the myriad ways they can benefit by starting their holiday shopping earlier than they’re typically accustomed to doing. Deals The more time shoppers give themselves to find gifts for their loved ones, the more time they have to comparison shop

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Get The Facts on Life Insurance Policies

Few people want to face their own mortality when they are in the prime of their lives. However, thinking ahead and making advanced plans can save family members considerable heartache. Life insurance policies can help men and women make things easier for their spouses, children or siblings. Life insurance provides financial security in the event of a person’s death. Such insurance is a key element of estate planning and something all adults must consider. It’s

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Valentine’s Night Out Planning Pointers

Many couples go out for a night on the town in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Romance typically prevails on such nights, but there’s more to planning Valentine’s Day dates than just roses and chocolate. The following are a few tips to make sure this year’s Valentine’s Day date night goes off without a hitch. · Make a dinner reservation. Restaurants fill up on Valentine’s Day, so make a reservation no matter how frequently you may

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Slow Cooking = Convenient & Delicious

Slow cooking has become very popular in recent years. The convenience of slow cooking, which allows home cooks to begin preparing meals in the morning or afternoon and then enjoy a delicious dinner without having to put in much work after a day at the office, no doubt plays a big role in that popularity. Slow cooking also allows home cooks to experiment with various ethnic cuisines. For those who love Mexican food and slow

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Save $ with our New App!

Are you in savings mode? You’re not alone! The after-holiday season means planning ahead and saving money on future expenses like vacation, summer spending, & current needs like home repair, family necessities and more! Luckily, we have several tools available to help you save money. Shop Local! Using our helpful new app, you can save money while shopping locally! Franklin Shopper App – NEW! Our New APP let’s you browse local savings, as well as view

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Renovating a Historic Home

Living in an historic home can be a labor of love. The history and the distinct architecture of historic homes draw buyers to such properties, but what historic homes have in regard to history they often lack in the conveniences of modern life, forcing manyhistoric-home owners to make renovations to bring their homes into the 21st century. Historic-home renovations differ from other types of modifications. According to the Victorian Preservation Association,renovation is getting a home back to where it may have been when originally built, but

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Managing Money after 50

Investors know that money management can be difficult. The ebb and flow of the economy can be similar to a roller coaster, with soaring highs followed by steep drops, and those changes all affect investors’ bottom lines. It’s no wonder then that many investors over 50 envision the day when they can get off that roller coaster and simply enjoy their money without having to worry about the everyday ups and downs of the market. But managingmoney after 50 is about more than just reducing risk.

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Cooking Tips for One or Two

While it seems like reducing food portions would be easy, those used to prepping meals for a large family may find it difficult. The following tips can make meal preparation efficient and cost-effective. * Divide and store. Supermarkets are increasingly offering larger packages of food products as well as “family size” offerings to compete with warehouse clubs. Buying in bulk can help individuals save money, but it may not always be practical for people living

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St. Patrick’s Day Facts

Each March 17th, people the world over slip into something green, take in a neighborhood parade and enjoy St. Patrick‘s Day festivities. A day to honor Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick‘s Day is ripe with traditions and history, much of which is largely unknown to the celebrating masses. In honor of St. Patrick‘s Day, the following are some handy pieces of trivia to impress friends and family each day of March leading up to the big day. 1. St. Patrick was not Irish. He was born in Britain to an aristocratic family.

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Catch Up on Retirement Savings

Many budding retirees plan to travel, relax and enjoy the company of their spouses when they officially stop working. But such plans only are possible if men and women take steps to secure their financial futures in retirement. According to a recent survey by the personal finance education site, roughly one-third of Baby Boomers have noretirement plan. The reason some may have no plan is they have misconceptions about how much money they will need in retirement.

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