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Top Organizing Tips

Tired of clutter? Can’t find what you need? Time to get organized! Getting organized can be simpler than it seems. Here is some top advice we found when it comes to getting back on track! *Vacuum seal bulky items like winter sweaters and blankets during the summer to save space! *Declutter your countertop by adding hanging utensil containers from the kitchen wall & magnet spice holders on the fridge! *Consider re-selling or donating gently used

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YMCA Membership GiveAway! Ends 1/23

Don’t miss out on your chance to Win! The Franklin Shopper is hosting another fantastic – Free Giveaway – along with your local YMCA! ENTER ONLINE – CLICK HERE One lucky Winner will receive a 1 Year Family Membership to the Chambersburg YMCA! Enter once daily by Friday, January 23 @ 5:00pm. View official rules.

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At-Home Workout Tips

Did you know….? Building a home gym can be a huge benefit to your workout routine! Don’t have time to go to the gym? No problem! There are a lot of at-home tips you can use to keep you on track to staying healthy for 2015! *Lighting – Bright lighting, whether natural or artificial can lift spirits and get you energized and moving! *Music – Get excited for a good sweat when you’ve got the right

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