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Dealing with an Anxious Dog

Most dog owners at some point in time have dealt with, or known, an anxious dog. Whether its just begging for an afternoon run, vet visit or full on owner separation anxiety, it can often cause headaches for both the dog and owner!

Some signs of anxiety include:

• Howling or crying when you leave
* Destroying furniture or other valuables when you are gone
* Over-excitement when you arrive home

There are several options other than dosing your dog with anxiety-reducing medicine. Help set your stress-inclined dog up for success and know that when you yell or punish an anxious pup it only make the situation worse! If your dog is often stressed when you leave, try a few strategies like:

• Setting up a crate for your dog while you are gone
• Placing valuables out of reach
• Leaving a few toys out for playtime or stress-relief
• Low volume, calming music or radio
• Plenty of food and water

Have you dealt with an anxious dog? Share your own personal tips in our Comment section below!

Choosing a Pet Sitter

With the holidays right around the corner, you may be planning on traveling, and that doesn’t always include bringing along your four-legged friends. A popular alternative to kennel boarding is at-home pet care. When choosing a pet-sitter, take a few extra steps to help ensure you’ve found the right sitter for your pet!

*Pre-interview on the phone:

-Verify experience, ask for references

-Confirm availability and a back-up in case of emergencies

*Schedule a time to meet:

-Introduce your pet and sitter

-Let your sitter know how they should be spending their time: walking, feeding, grooming, playtime, cleaning, etc. (This ensures your expectations will be clear.)

*When you leave:

-Leave a set of spare keys and extra set hide-a-key

-Disclose any important pet medical history and vet. contact information

-Store food and supplies in a central location

-Write down helpful phone numbers/contact info.

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