Clever Ways to Find More Time for Reading

Clever Ways to Find More Time for Reading

The benefits of reading are undeniable. However, in the digital era, many individuals, even those who love to read, are finding it hard to make time to cuddle up with a good book.

Numerous studies have examined the benefits of reading, and one of the most prominent findings is that reading can improve mental cognition. In fact, according to the Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation, reading has the potential to slow the progression of dementias like Alzheimer’s disease. Reading also can improve memory, promote stronger analytical thinking skills, improve focus and concentration, and build vocabularies.

Women tend to be well read. Data from Pew Research Center has found women read more than men, with the average woman reading 14 books in a year compared to nine for men. Women hoping to find even more time for reading can try these strategies.

Read what you enjoy

It’s tempting to pick books based on what others are reading or what you believe will make you seem more erudite. Choose subjects that appeal to you rather than ones you think you should read. Books should spark your interest and curiosity, no matter the subject, and you’re more likely to finish a book when you find it engaging.

Join a book club

A book club can open you up to a variety of titles. Book clubs tend to stick to deadlines and schedules, meaning you’ll already be encouraged to read more to meet the minimum requirements of the club. Furthermore, an opportunity to discuss the book with others can motivate you to read the book in a timely fashion.

Change your commute

Letting someone else do the driving frees up commuting time for reading. Even if the bus or train ride is longer than driving to work, it may present an opportunity to relax and turn some pages along the way.

Invest in an e-reader

Some purists feel that reading ink on page is the only way to devour books. While books are portable, e-readers are even more so and you can have an entire library on a single device, enabling you to move between books simultaneously if that’s how you operate. Stowing the e-reader in a purse or work bag enables you to read whenever free time arises, such as in waiting rooms, idling in the school pick-up line or while sitting in the car waiting for a spouse to come out of the grocery store.

Set your own rules

When reading for pleasure, establish your own rules. Don’t hesitate to stop reading a book if you find it’s not as engaging as you’d initially hoped.

Reading promotes brain health and mental well-being. Various strategies can help you find more time to cuddle up with a good book.


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