Father’s Day Gift Ideas

father's day gift ideas

Each year in the middle of June, families honor the special men who help make the familial engine run. Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June in the United States and Canada, and families across both nations make the day all about dads.

Many families have their own unique Father’s Day traditions, but it’s not uncommon for those rituals to cross familial lines. For example, gift-giving is one popular Father’s Day tradition many families share. With that in mind, anyone looking for the right gift for Dad this Father’s Day can consider these ideas.


Father’s Day comes just as spring is winding down and summer is set to begin. That means Dad will soon be firing up the grill several nights per week, if he hasn’t already. Since summer is grilling season and Father’s Day predates the start of summer by a couple of days, why not give Dad a new grill this season? Many people have fallen in love with the art of smoked foods in recent years, and if Dad fits that bill then a smoker/grill hybrid can be just the gift to make him smile. If Dad prefers the convenience of grilling at a moment’s notice, then a new propane grill can fit the bill. Dads who love to tailgate outside their favorite football stadium may love a new portable grill to bring their pregame tailgates up a notch.

Beer Subscription Service

If Dad’s a devoted drinker of craft beers, then a subscription to a beer club that delivers suds right to his doorstep could make this Father’s Day one he won’t soon forget. Clubs vary and many offer an array of membership options, but typically these groups hand-pick beers from an assortment of participating breweries, some local and some from distant, though likely domestic, locales. Gift givers can take note of Dad’s favorite beer style, whether it’s the wildly popular IPA or beers brewed in the Belgian tradition or some other style. Such information can be provided to clubs who will then curate the subscription box to align with the styles Dad likes best.

Golf Trip

If Dad is an avid golfer, then he likely has his sights set on some special places to play 18 holes. Families can pool their resources and give Dad a trip to a course he wants to play. Courses across North America have hosted PGA Tour and PGA Tour Canada events, meaning Dad could end up playing the same holes his favorite professionals have played. Pebble Beach Golf LinksTM in California is undoubtedly on many a father’s golf course bucket list, but many more clubs outside of California and across both the U.S. and Canada offer stunning views and challenging rounds that will be sure to please Dad this Father’s Day.

Man Cave Memorabilia

No man cave is complete without memorabilia. If Dad’s a diehard sports fan, help him decorate his go-to spot to watch his favorite team with some authentic memorabilia. Whether it’s a framed game-worn jersey or a bat with Dad’s name engraved on it or a basketball signed by the roster of his favorite team, these items will look great on the wall of any father’s man cave.

The right Father’s Day gift for Dad can make this special day even more meaningful for the men who do so much for their families throughout the year.


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