Tips to Throw A Memorable End-of-Summer Soirée

Tips to throw a memorable end-of-summer soirée

One last bash as summer winds down is a great way to send off a season that’s synonymous with recreation and leisure. And end-of-summer soirée also provides an opportunity to get together with friends and family before a new school year begins and families’ schedules fill up.

As August inches closer to September, hosts can consider these tips as they plan a memorable sendoff to summer.

Avoid Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer in many places, but hosts may want to avoid choosing this popular three-day weekend for their end-of-summer soirée. A survey from the travel experts at The Vacationer found that roughly 137 million people had travel plans over Labor Day weekend in 2022. Travel is undeniably popular on Labor Day weekend, and hosts likely won’t want to contend with guests’ travel plans. The weekend before Labor Day may produce a greater turnout, which undoubtedly makes for a more enjoyable affair.

Pick A Summer Theme

An end-of-summer party should have a theme that evokes the season’s special vibe. A beach theme with some sand in the backyard, some specialty cocktails served with mini beach umbrellas and, of course, some water play for adults and kids can help to establish a vibe that’s synonymous with summer.

Serve Traditional Fare

Though hosts who already hosted a handful of backyard barbecues this summer might have had their fill of hamburgers and hot dogs, an end-of-summer party is the last time many people will eat such foods until next spring. So while it’s alright to offer some alternatives, such as meat cooked on a smoker or grilled fish, be sure to offer the standard hamburgers and hot dogs as well.

Invite The Neighbors

It’s tempting to throw a season-ending bash that lasts into the wee hours, but that can be problematic for hosts whose neighbors are within arm’s length. That potentially sticky situation can be remedied by inviting the neighbors to the party. Neighbors won’t be upset by a little extra nighttime noise if they’re living it up as well. If that’s not an option, hosts can just remember to turn the volume down a notch once the sun sets.

Create A Contingency Plan

August can be a bit on the rainy side in many areas, particularly those where hurricane season hits full swing as summer winds down. Though summer storms tend to come and go in the blink of an eye, it’s best to have a contingency plan in place. If possible, ensure outdoor entertaining areas can provide some respite from the elements if need be. A well-placed pergola can keep guests and food safe from the rain and a retractable patio awning can provide an extra layer of protection. Hosts also can clear out part of their home interior and have some backup games at the ready to accommodate guests if the party has to move inside for a little while.

An end-of-summer soirée can be the perfect way to say so long to a beloved time of year.


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