Let us help you grow your business! Check out what some of our advertisers are saying about The Franklin Shopper. Advertising in The Franklin Shopper print and online yields amazing results.

The Franklin Shopper has been part of E.L.M. Shoes advertising mix for many years. They continue to deliver customers when you offer them a reason to buy.

Loren Martin of ELM Shoes

Our store, Smith’s Implements Inc., has been using The Franklin Shopper consistently for the last 17 years. I used the Shopper exclusively to display our USED Lawn & Garden Models every week from spring to the fall. When I see customers come to our store with The Franklin Shopper in hand and wanting to see a particular used tractor I know the ads are working.

My rep. Jack Swisher has been calling on me for the last 15 years. He stops in every week to pick up the ad and keeps me informed of the Special Sections coming in the future. I like the consistency of the same rep with a personal visit!

This is why the Shopper is part of my Advertising Budget. Results, consistency, and the personal touch keeps Smith’s committed to The Franklin Shopper.

Bob Jackson of Smith’s Implements

We have been in business since 1985, and have used The Franklin Shopper for a large majority of our years in business. We feel The Franklin Shopper reaches our potential buyers. We always receive response from our ads, and will continue to use the publication for our advertising.

Keith & Twilla Garber of Spring View Appliance & Mattress

As the new owners of Eby’s Meats, we are pleased with the new faces we have seen. Our store has been here for many years, and the advertising has brought people who came in the past but had forgotten about us…

Douglas Showalter of Eby’s Meats

Wenger & Myers Insurance has seen an increase in business and website traffic due to the excellent advertising The Franklin Shopper has provided for us through their paper and their online media.

Ben Myers of Wenger & Myers Insurance

We have used The Franklin Shopper as our main source of advertising since we opened in 2013. The Franklin Shopper does a good job marketing our products and specials to the reader base in Franklin County, PA.

Larwin Diller of Mountain View Farm & Garden