4 Ideas for Family Game Night

Family game nights can be a great way for families to disconnect from their devices and spend quality time together. Much in the way that family dinners can facilitate conversation and closeness, game nights can spark companionship and hours of fun. Game nights are easy to organize and are particularly handy on those nights when there’s not much to do or when the weather makes outside activities implausible.

To get started, use these game ideas as a catalyst for fun.

1. Stick to the classics. Certain games remain tried and true family favorites. These include Monopoly, Trouble, Risk, Clue, and Scrabble. Adults who had a favorite game growing can play it with their own children and see who outsmarts who.

2. Learn card games. From “War” to “Spades” to “Gin” to “Uno,” many card games have withstood the test of time. This is a great way to bridge gaps between grandparents and grandchildren. The older generation can teach these familiar games to children, and everyone can join in the fun.

3. Strengthen drama skills. Charades is a game in which teams must act out a word or phrase based on certain categories and have others on their side guess what is being mimed. Charades often leads to lots of laughs and stumped participants.

4. Shop for new fun. Take a family trip to a toy store or another retailer and browse the games aisle. Let each family member pick out a game that appeals to them and then include them in your family game night rotation.

Families can engage and converse over entertaining games that bridge generations.


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