Create a Peaceful Home Simply By Soundproofing

With televisions, home theaters, computers, video games, stereos and cell phones, our homes are louder than ever. By soundproofing certain rooms in the house, you can turn your home into a quiet sanctuary and relaxing escape.

Insulation is key. Used in professional recording studios, stone wool insulation is an excellent acoustic barrier that effectively absorbs sound thanks to its density and non-directional fiber structure. For home use, industry experts recommend a Roxul product called Safe n’ Sound insulation. It’s an easy-to-install material designed for use inside walls, ceilings and between floors. Simply cut with a serrated blade or bread knife and push into place.

For the best soundproofing results, install the stone wool material in your media rooms, children’s playrooms, washrooms and the laundry room. Because it provides high sound absorption and reduces the transfer of noise from one room to another, the rest of your home will be left undisturbed and your life, uninterrupted.



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