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Have you checked out our new savings site – ?? If you have – you know exactly what I’m talking about & if you don’t, then it’s time to hop on over there and start $aving BIG on lots of your local favorites and must-haves too!

Frugal Frankie supports our local community by promoting special deals and $avings for you at trusted and well-known local establishments. Before you head out to dinner, or even to your next auto tune-up, be sure to check the site to see what exciting coupons we are featuring!

*Some of the perks of :

Local, trusted businesses –> Places that you already know, love  & want to support to keep your community strong!

Rotating $avings & exciting new deals are listed frequently on the website with promos from different businesses like: Restaurants, Retail Shops, Auto Services, more local businesses & must-have services!

Advertise -> Promote your business or service through on the site for great exposure and community involvement! Share what you love to do & connect with new customers!


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