Easy Ways to Start Looking Younger Now

Many young people, and adolescents in particular, desire to look older. But those desires often shift as men and women reach middle age, at which time looking younger becomes a priority. When wrinkles crop up or laugh lines appear, people are quick to run out and find methods to wipe away the years. Fortunately for adults, there are plenty of ways to create more youthful looks when Father Time starts catching up.


When done correctly, various makeup techniques can take years off of a woman’s appearance. Using a foundation color that matches your skin is key. Wearing a shade that is too light can wash you out, and one that is too dark can drag down features. As a person ages, the lips can lose color and definition. Wear a shade of lipstick that makes the lips appear more plump and dewy. A shade of pink similar to your natural lip shade can achieve this. Pink shades in general will add to the youthful tone of younger skin and are relatively flattering on most skin tones.

Cosmetic fillers

Cosmetic fillers can help create a plumper appearance in the cheeks and face, and such an appearance is frequently associated with youth. These injections have been successful for many women. Women considering cosmetic fillers should exercise caution and do their research. Women should always work with a board-certified dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon who has experience performing the procedures they prefer.

Revamp your hair

Hair that falls just below the shoulders can be flattering on women with various face shapes. Well-placed highlights can add dimension to hair and take years off of your look as well. Some hairstylists also advise women wear bangs to appear more youthful. Bangs and a well-shaped cut can hide a large forehead or some wrinkles.

Gain a little weight

As a woman ages, she may lose weight in her face. As a result, women who are naturally thin may look more gaunt as the years go by. Gaining just a few healthy pounds can help round out your face and help you appear healthier and younger.

Teeth whitening

The years can be particularly tough on a person’s smile. Foods and beverages can stain enamel over time and contribute to yellowing of the teeth. Investing in an at-home whitening kit or visiting the dentist for a professional whitening session can make teeth look less worn down.


Skin can lose moisture and elasticity as one ages. You may be quick to apply moisturizer to your face, but don’t neglect your neck and hands, as such areas often show age.

There are various ways that women can give themselves more youthful looks, and many of those ways do not require much time or money.



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