Emergency Kit Must-Haves

Emergency Preparedness

Are you and your family prepared in case of an emergency? A couple of power bars and a flashlight aren’t going to cut it – it’s time to stock your family with a fully supplied emergency kit. Having a well-rounded safety kit is important to keep you prepared in case of power outage or natural disaster.

Top tips for creating your own kit:

The Basics:
-Water (Recommended 1 Gal per person, 3 day supply)
-Food + manual can opener
-Battery powered radio and extra batteries
-First aid kit
-Emergency Whistle
-Duct Tape
-Hand sanitizer or moist towelettes

-Medicine / prescriptions
-Pet Food
-Blanket or sleeping bag
-Local Maps
-Paper and pencil

-> Use an old backpack & make a ready-to-go pack!

Find more detailed info from trusted sources on how to build a well-prepared emergency kit:
Ready.gov – Basic Disaster Supplies Kit
Red Cross – Emergency Preparedness Kit
CDC – Emergency Preparedness & Response


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