Back to School Savings Tips

School Supplies

Back to school shopping can take a big bite out of your wallet! In the whirlwind of prep heading back to class, penny-pinching while you shop can only add stress.

No matter what your budget may be, there are a few simple tips that can help stretch your spending as well as ease some of the stress from the hectic fall season.

*Take inventory of what you have: Get rid of what you don’t need by donating or reselling in the local classifieds

*Set a budget & stick to it: Consider your necessities vs. wants

*Buy in bulk: Save time and $ by purchasing frequently used items in bulk – lunch item & snacks to paper & pens

*Pay attention to what’s on sale: Local businesses often offer special discounts and savings during back-to-school shopping. Look for coupons and comparison shop around town to $ave


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