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Perfect Turkey How-To

Cooking a turkey is no simple task but with our helpful cooking tips, you’re on your way to roasting the perfect holiday turkey!

*1-1 1/2 lbs per person: While leftovers can be good, don’t overdue it. Remember you’ll often have your plate full of hearty side dishes and leave some room for pie too.

*Make sure you add enough *spice*: Under-seasoning is a common and easily avoidable mistake!

*Consider brining: A simple brine starts with water and salt. Extra herbs and flavoring are optional. Brining lean meat like turkey can help prevent meat from drying out. Soak turkey in brine for up to 24 hours before cooking.

*To stuff or not to stuff? Some like cornbread stuffing, others like rice “dressing” and some like none at all. To make a wet dressing without stuffing the bird, save time and hassle by simply topping your dressing with warmed broth.

*Rest cooked turkey before carving: Rest a large bird for at least 15 minutes before carving.

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  • Tin Lantern: All Ages DIY Project

    Let your creativity shine with this all-ages DIY project! A Tin lantern is a fun DIY project that can be easily completed in one afternoon.

    Materials needed:

    • Tin can (soup can with label removed works great!)
    • Hammer
    • Nail
    (Drill optional)

    After you’ve gathered your materials – time to make a design! Get creative! Choose romantic hearts or a cheery sun shape, maybe something abstract, or a star-inspired spattering of dots!

    Once your decided on a design, you’re ready to get started!

    -> This tutorial shows how to freeze the can with water before hammering: http://www.charlottehupfieldceramics.com/2011/05/30/diy-tin-lanterns/

    -> Add a handle! This Tin Can Lantern tutorial features a handle for decoration or hanging: http://diyforlife.com/diy-tin-can-lantern-tutorial/

    -> Put some power behind your punching! This tutorial recommends a drill: http://rusticweddingchic.com/diy-tin-can-lanterns