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Inspiration and Ideas for Summer Gardening and Home Improvement

With longer days and shorter nights come warm weather opportunities to make home and garden improvements. Become inspired to start working on projects, both indoors and out, with these new seasonal books. Caring for Cacti There’s much more to your little green plants than just keeping them alive, according to “Happy Cactus: Cacti, Succulents, and More.” Unearth the secrets of different cacti and succulents with profiles of more than 50 popular varieties — from the

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Medication Safety Tips for Children and Adults

Prescription and over-the-counter medications can save lives and help people of all ages manage certain conditions. When used correctly and under the guidance of a physician, medications are largely safe. It’s when medicines are used off-label, shared or taken in error that reactions and injury can occur. The American Academy of Pediatrics and their Healthy Children Organization warns that more than 7,000 children visit hospital emergency rooms every year for problems related to medication errors.

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Simple Ways to Save on Household Expenditures

There are many simple ways for homeowners to reduce monthly expenditures and realize savings, and the easiest place to start is with your monthly energy bill. Here are a few changes you can make that can have a lasting impact on your wallet and the planet. · Cool your house with a ceiling or electric fan and open the windows at night. Ceiling fans cost about 1 cent per two hours of use, compared to

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Make a Lunch Kids Will Devour

Children can be picky eaters, making it challenging for parents to find foods their kids will consume. Family dinners are challenging enough, but lunches kids will love can be even more difficult to come by. Parents can prepare lunches kids are certain to devour by thinking outside of the traditional lunch box. Using some creativity and building off of kids’ favorite foods is the key. Make it miniature Mini versions of kids’ favorite foods can

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Featured Healthy Living Links – Local Resources

If you missed our recent Special Edition, the Medical & Health directory – have no fear! We offer digital files of our special sections for view online, found at: We are happy to share some hand-picked local resources, we are proud to partner with and highly recommend! Click any of the names/links to find more information. *Denture Center Inc. *Visiting Angels *John L. Grove Medical Center *PinnacleHealth Women’s Cancer Center *PinnacleHealth Cardiovascular Institute Have you

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Beat Couch Potato Curse + Local Highlight

Diet and exercise make great bedfellows for men and women looking to live a healthier lifestyle. A combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise makes it easier for men and women to maintain a healthy weight while lowering their risk of various ailments, including heart disease and diabetes. A heightened awareness of what makes for a healthy and unhealthy diet coupled with the increased availability of healthy foods has helped many people smoothly transition

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Top 5 Indoor Plants

Winter is when we often spend a lot more time indoors, so it’s important to keep your home fresh and cozy! Air quality is one aspect of our home interior that can often get overlooked but has a big impact on our overall health and well being. One step you can take towards clearing the air in your home, is to introduce at least one plant from of our top 5 recommended indoor plants –

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Perfect Turkey How-To

Cooking a turkey is no simple task but with our helpful cooking tips, you’re on your way to roasting the perfect holiday turkey! *1-1 1/2 lbs per person: While leftovers can be good, don’t overdue it. Remember you’ll often have your plate full of hearty side dishes and leave some room for pie too. *Make sure you add enough *spice*: Under-seasoning is a common and easily avoidable mistake! *Consider brining: A simple brine starts with

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Stress Free Thanksgiving Tips

Less stress means more time for what matters – spending time with family and friends and reflecting on what we’re thankful for! Follow our top tips for making your holiday season less stressful! *Plan a potluck – If you’re cooking the turkey, ask guests to bring a side or dessert. When everyone contributes it can lead to a more meaningful meal and a fun way to share favorite family recipes. *Choose make-ahead recipes to save

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